Workplace Testimonials

We have worked with organisations, big and small, across a range of different sectors all over the UK. From one-to-one support for employees to D&I consultancy and training for employers, we have helped businesses make the changes that matter to ensure everyone has a seat at the table.

"Diversity and Ability's focus on inclusion and breaking down accessibility barriers is inspiring and they do a great job of educating people positively and warmly."

Bee Nicholls, Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce - Bee Nicholls, Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce

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"We now have a greater awareness of different models of disability and a better understanding to focus on barriers more than labels! Love the 'nudges' we can take forward to make the workplace a better and more inclusive place!"

Claire Wildman, Civil Aviation Authority - Claire Wildman, Civil Aviation Authority

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"From my first contact with the team, their ‘can do’ attitude and knowledgeable discussions gave me confidence that I was dealing with a professional organisation that could deliver... [They] challenged the participants to think differently about ability."

Pam Blackhurst, Office for National Statistics - Pam Blackhurst, Office for National Statistics

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“The [Wellbeing and Mental Health] mentoring has become the most valuable support for the team, especially during lockdown.. providing this resource has made my team feel valued and that we really care about their wellbeing.”

Sasha Dixon, Utilita - Sasha Dixon, Utilita

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Here is some feedback from people we have provided one-to-one support for.

“I am fairly useless with computers and normally take ages to pick up new things related to technology but after each session, I felt confident about what I had been taught and excited that there were easier ways of doing things I had to develop my own long, complicated methods for in the past. I am so glad I chose to use D&A over my recommended AT trainers and wouldn’t hesitate to suggest Tim to friends and colleagues.”

- Employee receiving Assistive Technology support

D&A has been the first [company] where I felt I had experienced support on an individual basis not just down to my dyslexic quirks but what also worked best in the environment I worked in, my role and within the parameters of the company I work for.

Employee, Barclays - Employee, Barclays

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I found the wellbeing session that I attended to be extremely refreshing and very eye-opening. I will always be the person that cares about others but [my mentor] really made me think how I need to take care of myself and I am so grateful for the session I had.

Employee, Utilita - Employee, Utilita

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