Our Ethos

There are three main principles that guide us.

1. Peer Support

We are convinced that peer-to-peer empathy, respect and support, delivered by trainers who share a lived experience with trainees, will fundamentally change the way the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) is taken up and perceived. If used and accessed well, DSA has the potential to make life-changing differences for learners accessing higher education. We're excited to share that difference with you!

2. Neurodiversity

DnA promotes a social model of disability where dyslexia and other learning differences are perceived as arising from a natural human diversity, as opposed to 'deficit' models of understanding disability. We envisage a change that would see 'Specific Learning Difficulty' (SpLD) to change and become 'Specific Learning Difference'. The celebration and acceptance of different learning styles, and the important contributions this neurodiversity continually makes in society, remains core to our vision and goal. Working to change attitudes through positive campaigns and ongoing support is a lynchpin in the delivery and success of the training and support we provide.

3. Tailored Training

Present figures show that only one third of disabled students take up their AT training. This highlights a gap in the support system which DnA aims to fill. The training that is currently available in the sector is generally IT training not AT training, and is not centred enough on each individual's learning needs. DnA is different. We focus on every individual's unique learning style and needs, integrating strategies and training to best suit the individual.