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Adam Hyland


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Adam will tell people off if they use a phrase 'people with disabilities'. He feels people are disabled not by their condition but by the attitudes in society and lack of infrastructure. We are all diverse but some diversity is not accommodated for. Embodying this social definition of disability makes him the ideal person to lead our advocacy campaigns. Adam is an inspirational and passionate campaigner and approaches everything he does with a strong 'can do' attitude. His wheelchair or cerebral palsy has not stopped him once. After graduating with a first class honours degree in Internet and Communication Systems, Adam was also awarded the Vice Chancellors Award and the DEC (Design, Electronic and Computing) Award. Adam was President of the University of Bournemouth Students Union before being elected for two years working for the NUS as the National Disabled Students Officer. He is also currently involved with DSA-QAG[AR2], as an Independent Director. Adam's experience in HE and the NUS makes him a powerful driving force behind the DnA Ambassador Scheme and our broader disability campaigning work.

If he's not busy with DnA you'll find Adam coaching his local football team.

Catch him if you can!