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Charlie Wood


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A lover of maps, colouring in and the ox-bow lakes. You guessed it! Charlie is a Geography graduate who now finds himself at the heart of the operations team here at Diversity and Ability.

If you give us a call or send us an email, there's a very high chance you'll hear from Charlie, happy to answer any questions you have about DnA and what we do! While you're at it, ask him about the small blue bird made of mahogany joke.

When Charlie's not poring over maps or telling great jokes, he can be found drinking fruit teas, listening to Radiohead and loosely passing comment on the recent film releases. In the summer months, Charlie can also be spotted in well-pressed whites, playing cricket; questioning why he gives up every Saturday to chase a small red ball around an empty field when he could in a pub garden with friends, eating dry roasted peanuts.

A question he is still yet to answer.