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Emma Turner

Partnerships and Outreach

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Emma has been working with social enterprises for over a decade, facilitating the sector to thrive through managing supportive networks. Previous to this, she spent many years in the Arts and Creative Industry; always with a tilt towards the community and positive social impact. A further constant throughout her career has been the building of partnerships and meaningful relationships with a passion for making good things happen.

As Partnerships and Outreach Lead, her role is to build partnerships with organisations to support them with their diversity and inclusion agendas; making the workplace more accessible to neurodivergent and disabled employees. In doing so, DnA are creating positive culture shifts, where inclusion and accessibility are woven into the fabric of educational and work environments, allowing everyone to thrive. Employers and business leaders have a shared responsibility to recognise the value that different skill sets bring.

Emma embraces DnA's huge mission to change the world into a fair and inclusive one. DnA are setting the benchmark for inclusion, shifting attitudes away from obligation towards celebration.