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Helen Allman


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Helen is a qualified integrative counsellor and is working towards an MA in psychotherapy at the Minster Centre in London. She joined the team at DnA because she wants to work with young people and support them through their university life. Helen remembers how stressful her own university experience often was, and she wants to help students find ways of coping that feel right for them. She believes that with the right support, university can be a rewarding experience for everyone.

Before she became a counsellor, Helen taught English to young people in Japan and then worked as a journalist for several years. She's always cared much more about working with people than writing stories about them, which is why she started her therapy training. She loves seeing people growing into themselves and discovering new, more rewarding ways of living their lives.

In her free time, Helen loves being outdoors (especially where there are lots of trees), practising yoga and cooking (especially baking cakes).