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Karen Panich


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ADSHE Quality Assurance Register: ADSHEQA121

With a background of over twenty years in training and development, Karen is passionate about enabling others to reach their full learning potential and educational goals. Her other passion is learning about people.

Whilst taking a career break to have a family, Karen studied part-time and completed her BSc (Hons) Psychology through the Open University. Afterwards, rather than return to corporate training, Karen chose to join the DnA community as she wanted a role that she was passionate about, within an organisation whose values and ethos she admired.

Dedicated to lifelong learning, Karen later attained a Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Studies in Education, specialising in specific learning differences. Karen continues to be inspired by DnA's philosophy, and is committed to providing AT training and Study Skills Tutoring that is specifically tailored to each individual's unique needs, strengths and learning preferences.

Favourite Resources

Karen is the author of the following wonderful resources on our resources page: