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Katie Edge


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Katie is a sociable and bubbly person, and has always loved people. She decided that her fascination with how and why people made the choices they did made counselling a good match for her, and she has been in training to achieve this since 2011. Her first degree was in Philosophy, and the heavy workload of this meant that she benefitted from some Specialist Mentoring at university. This experience has stayed with her, and she feels really pleased to be able to offer the same kind of help she received to the current crop of students.

She believes that there are few troubles a sympathetic ear can't ease, and that neurodiverse students deserve all the help in the world to achieve their degrees, since they can make such a big contribution to the attitudes of their workplaces when they get there.

When she's not counselling, she can usually be found holding a big mug of coffee and sitting cross-legged on a sofa.