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Mary-Claire Wilson


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Mary-Claire Wilson is a qualified Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor, having completed her Diploma and second MA at the Minster Centre, one of the UK's leading training institutions. Her first MA was in English Language and Literature. She's previously worked in the fields of journalism, creative writing and art.

She's worked with people with long term mental health issues in a community-based project, as part of her commitment to diversity and inclusion. This role involved supporting clients to develop the skills needed to improve personal wellbeing, as well as enhancing independence, confidence and promoting healthy relationships. She also facilitated clients in accessing educational, vocational and therapeutic opportunities. She's delighted to continue to provide support for individuals through DnA. For her, the most important aspect of the role is her relationship with each learner, in which she offers empathy, respect, warmth, and honesty.