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Sadhbh O'Dwyer


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Sadhbh - rhymes with five - is an SpLD specialist and dyslexia assessor. She grew up in rural Ireland where everyone likes to chat and drink tea. Sadhbh has taken her love of chatting and tea to France, Japan and the UK and will chat to most people most of the time (if they have a cup of tea). Her background is in writing and teaching. Her special interest is in using mindfulness approaches in her work and has found this particularly helpful for people with complex needs.

As a former technical writer, Sadhbh is interested in using AT especially apps. She encourages everyone to bring out their inner geek. In her spare time Sadhbh likes to eat sushi, listen to The Pixies and drink tea.

Favourite Resources

Sadhbh is the author of the following wonderful resources on our resources page: