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I finished my Extended Business Diploma at college and could not find any work in my area. My sister (Charlotte Collins) worked for DnA and was helping out with a community project called 'Your Way'. As I had time on my hands I helped craft some of the course material. In the months following I took over the training of the programme, and from there became a fully-fledged DnA AT Trainer.

I've always struggled with confidence and the thought of teaching was a great source of anxiety. The more I work for DnA the more my confidence grows. Being able to relate to learners with similar mental health barriers, and show empathy on a personal level, gives me great satifaction and self-worth. I learned a great deal about myself from teaching on the project and met some amazing and inspiring people.

I now cover AT Training in the south west of the UK. I'm a loopy, energetic and outgoing person and you won't see me sat still for long. When I'm not working I'm found playing with my dog (Willow) and countless puppies (my mum is a dog breeder). I also rock the Les Paul, dabble in PC gaming (Nvidia master-race!), and you'll sometimes find me running around beautiful Dorset. I love to travel and have spent time in Thailand, Malaysia and Australia.

My long term aspiration is to create a running/mental health support group local to where I live. Running has helped me tremendously through my mental health past and I'm passionate about promoting it in the mental health sector to introduce freedom, headspace and self belief.