Assistive Technology Scholarship

1st June 2018 by Catia Neves

The Assistive Technology Scholarship has been launched and we are proud to be one of the official training providers! It has been set up to provide assistive software and training free to those who otherwise couldn’t get it. The scholarship is open to absolutely anyone, and winners receive Global AutoCorrect, Read & Write, Mindview and Sonocent Audio Notetaker. Winners would also get access to tutorials and videos, and personalised training on the software.

You can find out more about the in this video below and by visiting the website:

Why the AT Scholarship is so important to us

We at D&A strongly believe that socio-economics plays a big part in accessibility and inclusion. You can apply for support and assistive technology via various schemes if you are enrolled at university (DSA) or working (AtW), however, what about people that don’t fall into these camps? For example, long-term unemployed or homeless individuals, who may have undiagnosed learning differences, but have never had the opportunity to find out more about the way they learn/ work and ask for help.

It’s this community of people, often with the most urgent need, that might benefit the most from using assistive technologies, that sadly often have the least access to it. With libraries closing and outreach services being stripped back, public access to resources is becoming increasingly narrowed. That’s why the work we do with Crisis Homelessness Shelter, and now the Assistive Technology Scholarship programme is important to us.

Equalising access to support, tools and strategies is something we’re really proud to play a part in.


We’d love to hear about you. What you’re passionate about, what you’re great at, what you find difficult and why you want the scholarship. You can tell us in a video, audio recording, mind map, essay, ice sculpture … you get the idea.

Be sure to include your name, email address, phone number, and the name of your school, college or university (if you’re studying).

Applications are assessed based on passion, creativity, merit and need, and are subject to terms and conditions.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch …

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