Help shape a disability toolkit for disabled healthcare learners and professionals

7th December 2021 by Ellie Thompson

Diversity and Ability and Health Education England have collaborated to create a comprehensive, accessible toolkit that guides you through every step of the process of applying for Disabled Students’ Allowance and Access to Work support.

The toolkit provides full guidance to enable both disabled learners and professionals themselves, as well as those who support them, including supervisors, teaching staff, HR teams and beyond, therefore creating a dual approach, inclusive, open-access process guide for all.

Lived experience is at the heart of the toolkit, which was created by those with lived experience of accessing disability support in education and the workplace. And we want to ensure lived experience remains central to the project and best reflects your questions, concerns and experiences.

Next week, Diversity and Ability will host three roundtables to create space for individuals to provide feedback on the resource in a supportive space. We’ll be discussing existing and potential future tension points and areas for improvement in NHS institutions and trusts to help us create an action plan for making healthcare education inclusive to all. Our focus will be on listening to lived experience to grow our resource into one that’s fully representative of the realities of disabled healthcare learners and workers, collecting feedback on the existing toolkit and learning about future areas for growth.

If you have thoughts to share, or questions to ask, make sure to join us:

Roundtable for disabled doctors, learners and workers: Monday 13th December, 11am-1pm.



Roundtable for healthcare stakeholders (including health professionals and those working with disabled learners and professionals) : Thursday 16th December, 11am-1pm.



Open roundtable for both disabled learners, doctors and workers and stakeholders: Friday 17th December, 2pm-4pm.




Please note places at these sessions are limited. Automated closed captions will be provided via Zoom. All information gathered will be anonymous.

If you’d rather contribute feedback in a 1-to-1 space, you can write to Piers to give feedback or arrange a 1-to-1 meeting. Just get in touch with them at

Alternatively, you can always provide feedback anonymously by filling in our short questionnaire!

Logos read Diversity and Ability and Health Education England. Below is a graphic illustration of three people, all wearing white labcoats in a hospital waiting room. Two are walking towards each other, and the third is in the centre sat in a wheelchair.

As the event is now in the past links that are no longer active, including references, have been removed from this blog post. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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