How can you help your staff feel connected in these unconnected times to thrive inside?

7th April 2020 by Amy Hutson

How you hold all your employees through this universal experience will make a huge impact on their sense of belonging and how well they return to work, once this period of history ends.

Supporting the wellbeing of your entire workforce has never been more important, with the mental health of all staff under immense strain at this time and with the challenges faced by your neurodiverse and disabled staff likely to be even more magnified by the isolation.

Many businesses that we’ve been speaking to at the moment are wondering how to adapt to meet the changing needs of their staff and asking themselves:

  • How can we keep our staff feeling connected during these unconnected times?
  • How can we best support our staff with their mental health and wellbeing?
  • How can we support staff who need to use Assistive Technology to be able to work from home?
  • How can we help our disabled and neurodiverse staff to not feel isolated?

If you find yourself asking some of these questions, we would like to offer you advice with a free half-hour video consultancy call.

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Who is Diversity & Ability?

As a disabled-led social enterprise, Diversity & Ability has been offering remote support for neurodiverse and disabled people for over a decade. As a UK finalist of the Inclusive Company Awards, we appreciate the difficulties in reaching out and ensuring the inclusion of neurodivergent and disabled workers. This change of working style for the majority of the UK’s workforce is already in our DNA (pardon the pun) and we continue to support organisations to grow their diverse and inclusive cultures and to deliver enabling and uplifting support to their workforce.

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