An inclusive campus goes beyond compliance.

It anticipates difference, champions accessibility, and ensures equity.

Together, we will enhance the student journey for all, shifting your campus culture away from obligation and towards celebration.

Take your first step with our guide to creating an inclusive campus.

A pyramid-shaped diagram labelled 'A model for supporting disabled students in Higher Education'. The pyramid is divided into thirds, each with a text label inside, and supporting text sits to the side of each segment. The top segment is labelled "DSA" with text to the side saying "we will help you provide accurate information, advice, and guidance." The second is labelled "reasonable adjustments" with text to the side reading "we will support your responsibility under Equality Act duties". The third is labelled Inclusive Teaching and Learning, with text to the side reading "we will embed Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to enhance access and inclusion."

With its unique access barriers, diverse student body, and distinctive academic culture, your university is on its own inclusion journey.

That is why we focus on bespoke and collaborative provisions.

With you, we will investigate disparities in your student’s experience, tailor solutions based on practical opportunities and implement sector-leading support, technology, and design provisions.

Everything we do is underpinned by our core ethos: by disabled people, for disabled people. You will see authentic outcomes through honest perspectives because that is how enduring change is achieved.

We embrace the social model of disability and centre our lived experience from beginning to end.

Want to know what your inclusive campus would look like?

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“D&A are that rare breed of a company that is passionate about the students and the sector that they operate in, they are a company with a heart. Not only this but they are clearly trailblazing in terms of knowledge, ideas and developments coupled with professionalism, speed and efficiency.”

Sarah Richardson, Head of Student Services, London Metropolitan University



  • Accessibility & Inclusion Consultancy
  • Accessible Copywriting ​& Resource Creation​
  • Assistive Technology Enhancement Reviews​
  • Assistive Technology Training
  • Digital Accessibility Audits
  • Disability Inclusion Training​
  • Disability Practitioner Role Training and CPD
  • Inclusive Teaching & Learning Reviews
  • Policy & Workflow Enhancement
  • Physical Accessibility Audit​s
  • Recruitment & Onboarding Review
  • Study Needs Assessments
  • Student Access & Inclusion Reviews

Making your campus more inclusive

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