3. Receive confirmation

Student Finance will look at the evidence in your needs assessment report and confirm what support they have agreed to fund.

You will receive this confirmation in an email and, like before, there will be a letter attached. The letter is called your DSA2 letter of entitlement and will be your key to getting your support setup. 

Here’s an example of what your DSA2 letter of entitlement will look like.

If you think you would like some extra help arranging your confirmed support, your university will definitely be able to provide this.

The first step is just to forward your DSA2 letter of entitlement to your university’s disability services. You can often find their contact details by Googling your university’s name, followed by ‘disability services’. They will then contact you back to go through your DSA2 letter with you.

Final stage coming up! Let’s get your support in place.