Accessing Disability Support

A Toolkit for Health Professionals and Learners

If you’re disabled, or have a disability, learning difference, or long term health condition (including long-term effects of COVID-19 and mental health conditions), you may be able to access additional support that will enable you to equitably access your education and employment in healthcare.

We know that the process of applying for, and accessing, the support you deserve can feel a little confusing and overwhelming. But with our guides, we’ve broken down the process so you know what to do and when.

Throughout your life, you will be entitled to the same, or very similar support, but it may come from different sources.

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Students – Find your way through the DSA

If you are registered on a university course and receiving a student loan through Student Finance England or an NHS Student Bursary, you should be able to receive support through Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA). Find out more about the DSA, and how to apply, with our Find Your Way through the DSA guide.

Professionals – Find your way through Access to Work

If you are in employment, or searching for a job, you should be entitled to an Access to Work grant from the government. Find out more about the Access to Work scheme, and how to apply, with our Find your way through Access to Work guide.

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Why do we need a toolkit?

Professor Liz Hughes MBE (Deputy Medical Director and Disability Lead, HEE) and Piers Wilkinson (Inclusive Education Policy and Campaigns Lead, Diversity and Ability) shared their experiences at the Delivering Excellence in Medical Education Conference 2021.

Together, they bring their lived experience and professional expertise to explore how we can create a healthcare education environment that welcomes and includes all.

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How can we make healthcare more accessible?

We’ve consulted with healthcare trainees and professionals to understand the barriers they face in sharing their diversity and accessing healthcare spaces.

There are solutions available to remove or mitigate these barriers, creating a more diverse, inclusive and successful healthcare environment.

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What do disabled healthcare professionals have to say?

In our ‘Finding Your Way’ series, Piers meets with individuals from across the healthcare profession, all of whom have lived experience and expertise in accessing healthcare education.

Join us in exploring the barriers faced by disabled healthcare professionals and learners, as well as the projects and innovations being developed to break down those barriers.

Watch our ‘Finding Your Way’ video series.