AXS Passport Demo: Communicating your needs in the workplace and beyond

Accessibility passports are not a new concept. But, for a long time, they have been an imperfect one. 

Diversity and Ability are here to change that with the launch of AXS: a new, inclusive approach to passports that enables individuals in the workplace, education and beyond. 

We will demonstrate how we can utilise AXS Passport to remove the barriers people face when communicating their needs.

Join us on September 21st, or November 22nd 2023.

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Labels and Legacies: Embracing Intersectionality with Atif

At D&A, we know that intersectionality is more than a buzzard; it’s a prism through which we view the rich tapestry of human identities and experiences.

Join us in a pivotal exploration of insights, perspectives and genuine conversations in Labels and Legacies: a monthly webinar series where Atif Choudhury will be joined by incredible guest speakers to explore how intersectionality enhances our understanding of society and fosters a world where every story finds its space.

Next webinar: Wednesday 27th September.

Our speaking engagements

Our team of Disability Inclusion experts regularly speak at events covering a wide range of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion topics.

Here are just a few of the upcoming events where you can catch them:

The Diversity and Inclusion Conference, 13th September 2023

Atif Choudhury

London, United Kingdom

Improving Disability Inclusion in the Workplace Conference, 29th September 2023

Atif Choudhury

London, United Kingdom

Social Enterprise World Forum, 10-12th October 2023

Atif Choudhury

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Piers, a white non-binary person who is a wheelchair user with brown curly hair and glasses, is talking animatedly on stage at a conference.