Audio Notetaker

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Audio Notetaker is an audio-based PC software program for easy note taking. This can be used with a Dictaphone or digital voice recorder, to upload audio notes, presentations and your own notes. Lectures often contain Microsoft PowerPoint slides and these can be uploaded into Audio Notetaker along with the audio that the student has recorded.

Audio Notetaker

When taking notes do you:

  • Find it difficult keeping up with the speaker?
  • Sometimes lose focus?
  • Your notes end up on scraps of paper, messy and eventually unusable?

There is a much easier way to create notes without having to write on paper and trying to keep up with the speaker, sometimes losing focus.

Audio Notetaker allows you to;

  • Make notes that make sense
  • Listen to a recording of the session that is visually represented by coloured blocks which aids quick identification of important points
  • Allows easy navigation through the recordings.
  • Make recordings that can be annotated with text notes that you can see at a glance and jump straight to specific points.
  • Make notes that are synchronised to presentations and can be linked to portions of the audio.

Audio Notetaker captures everything that is spoken. Audio Notetaker records the audio and produces a visual timeline . Every spoken phrase becomes a separate coloured block in the timeline, enabling very easy navigation through the recording. You can achieve this in real time or listen back to audio and add notes at your own pace.

These blocks can be colour coded so important parts can be highlighted during or after recording. The colours can be changed at any time. For example; important points can be highlighted red, further study recommendations could be highlighted green and assignment information could be highlighted orange. The highlighted sections can be extracted at any time. For example; further study recommendations (green) can be extracted and used to create a focused list of recommendations.

Audio Notetaker can also be used on your preferred devices such as a smartphone or iPad using a dedicated app, eliminating the need to take bulky laptops into lectures, meetings, tutorials and seminars. Recordings, notes and drawings can then be downloaded to AudioNotetaker seamlessly. This means that you will never miss a word and if you don’t understand something can easily re-listen to audio.

There are other effective ways to use AudioNotetaker to add variety to the way you learning. AudioNotetaker allows you to record online lectures e.g. lecture capture, online tutorials, TED talks and Khan Academy. You can record these in real time and annotate as you go along. This can be a really good strategy for overlearning, say when revising.

It is also really great for time/task management as you will also be able to keep track of all of your lectures and notes in an organised way. Furthermore, your notes are not confined to the program as you can export them to word to use in assignments.