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Now it is then down to you and your employer to order/arrange the support. Your employer will need to purchase any equipment and arrange payment for any other support you're entitled to. You will probably need to liaise with your HR department or equivalent to get this arranged.

The recommendations in your needs assessment are exactly that, recommendations. So if there is a product or service provider akin to the one budgeted for in your AtW entitlement, which you would prefer to use, your choice will usually be honored and you can use these funds elsewhere. However, it is likely that you will need to "price-match" as the cost may not be reimbursed if it is above the original quote AtW agreed. It's always worth checking with your AtW Advisor before purchasing anything.

Your employer will need to contact AtW for reimbursement of most of the costs, but they will be expected to make some contribution on your behalf:

Organisation Size Contribution
1-49 Employees £0
50-249 Employees First £500, then 20% of anything up to £10,000
250+ Employees First £1000, then 20% of anything up to £10,000

Any costs over £10,000 are covered by AtW.

Some costs can be paid directly to the supplier by AtW, e.g. skills training.

Support is usually provided in the workplace so that it remains relevant to your work environment and your day to day tasks. You will be able to book sessions in with your coach/trainer at times that suit you, whether that's during the working day or after work. If you have any queries about what the support entails or how it works, then visit our Services pages for more information.

Good luck! Get in touch if you need any pointers, we’re happy to help!