DSA - Find Your Way

DSA1 Approval Letter

Once your DSA1 form has been processed your DSA Funding Provider will send you a DSA1 approval letter to let you know if you qualify for DSA. It can be helpful to inform your University/College Disability or Dyslexia Adviser that you have received DSA approval. They can help you to book a Needs Assessment, support you if your DSA1 letter states that you do not qualify for DSA and you need to appeal, or advise you in providing further evidence.

Access Centre

Once you have received your DSA1 approval letter you can book your Needs Assessment. You can search for an Assessment Centre near you on the DSA Quality Assurance Group (DSA QAG) website. Your University/College Disability or Dyslexia Adviser can support you with this process and sometimes have an assessment centre within the University Campus.

Needs Assessment

The Needs Assessment process gives you the chance to talk about the way you learn best, and the strategies you have used throughout your education. The Study Needs Assessor will ask you about the barriers you face with your learning and will suggest equipment, software and support that can help you meet your potential. Before you go, it is a good idea to take a look at some of the software the needs assessor might talk about with you. You can do this by looking at the Resources section of the DnA website. Here you can explore how to use different pieces of assistive software, and comments from the DnA community on how they use this software from a student perspective.

Following your Needs Assessment a report will be drafted. A copy will be sent to you by the Assessment Centre within 10 working days of the Needs Assessment. It is advisable to agree for a copy of the report to be sent to your University/College Disability or Dyslexia Adviser. Providing this consent to the Study Needs Assessor during your Assessment will enable the Adviser to support you in setting up the adjustments, support and strategies recommended in the report.

Funding is available to reimburse for the cost of travel to your Needs Assessment following submission of a claim form and receipts. See 'General Allowance' in the following support section for details of how to claim for reimbursement of the travel costs for your Needs Assessment.