DSA - Find Your Way


DnA believe the student voice is the most important aspect of this process. Your voice and your choice can be heard by completing feedback for the different organisations that you have come into contact with during your DSA journey. Providing feedback encourages DSA suppliers and providers to maintain quality assured standards for students who access the DSA.

The DnA Community

DnA provide a variety of non-medical help including study skills support and assistive technology training. We believe that students should have access to ongoing support even if their DSA funded sessions have finished. Our active DnA community of Trainers and Tutors are always at the ready to help with any queries and resolve any issues. Visit our contact page to find out how to get in touch. Equally, you can find us on our social media pages, we're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Send us any questions you might have - get engaged and get involved! We'd love to hear from you.