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Written by Tim Blunt

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a potentially life-changing tool! It's primarily a speech-to-text tool; you talk, it types what you just said. Not in front of your computer? Not a problem! Dragon has the facility to turn MP3s of your voice into Word documents, giving you the ability to be productive whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

The latest version is already very accurate straight out of the box, and on the rare occasion that it does make mistakes, it has the facility to learn from them and improve its accuracy.

As well as the huge potential as a writing tool, it also gives you the ability to use your computer hands free. With hundreds of commands, you can quickly and easily open different programs, send emails, surf the web and much, much more. With Dragon Naturally Speaking, speaking and seeing is believing!

Windows PC only.

The Dragon commands can sometimes seem arcane and forgettable. That's why we've put together this cheat sheet:

A mind map of Dragon Naturally Speaking Commands