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Zotero is a free program that lets you gather references and insert them into your documents. Instead of typing out your citations and bibliography you can add them with the click of your mouse!

The program works in:

  • Your web browser, so you can collect references
  • Your desktop, where you can organise your library of references
  • Your word processor, so you can insert your citations and a bibliography

Best Features

  • Insert citations and bibliographies in just a few clicks
  • Zotero style repository has hundreds of referencing styles to choose from
  • Books can be saved using either the ISBN number or the toolbar button in Amazon and Google Books
  • Works in your web browser so you can save web pages, e-journals and PDFs to your reference library
  • Organize your library or references with notes, tags and attachments
  • Create specific reference collections for each essay or module
  • Zotero synchronises with a cloud server so you can access your library from any machine (sign up required)

Why I Love Zotero

This program takes all the stress out of citations and bibliographies, with a couple of clicks it's all done for you. The notes section is really useful for keeping track of why you are using that particular text and what, if any, direct quotes you're using. The ability to add tags to your source material also makes it really easy to find the texts that you want by using a few key words. In addition to all that, by signing up to Zotero your library is saved to a cloud server so you can access it from any machine.