Dyslexia Coaching

There are so many strategies and tools you can use to get around barriers caused by dyslexia. Our expert Dyslexia Coaches will work with you to identify any challenges you might be facing and introduce new ways of working that will leave you feeling more confident in the workplace, and beyond!

We can help you develop strategies that will help you manage different aspects of your role, such as:

  • Reading & proofreading
  • Writing (eg. spelling, organisation)
  • Time management
  • Administration
  • Presentations
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Research and note taking

We will work with you to ensure new strategies are embedded in your workflow and if required, liaise with your line manager to make sure they’re aware of your needs and are best placed to support you moving forward. All of our Dyslexia Coaches are highly trained and qualified to work with adults with a range of learning differences. Support would typically be provided in a quiet, confidential space at work. A session would usually last one to two hours – but that depends on your preference and your allocation of support.

“D&A has been the first organisation where I have experienced support on an individual basis, not just down to my dyslexic quirks, but also what worked best in the environment I worked in, my role and within the parameters of the company I work for. I felt very understood by Tim who has been providing my support and wasn’t aware he also has dyslexia. Knowing that Tim is in the same boat as me, made me feel more confident and more relaxed in talking about what I struggle with.”

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