Workshops and Training Programmes for teams

We believe in facilitating culture change across the wider workforce, where a programme of knowledge raising, training and support plays a major role in the embedding of inclusive culture within your organisation.

We have created a series of interactive training workshops which aim to increase awareness around a range of diversity issues and give participants the practical skills to embed an inclusive approach to neurodiversity and disability in your workplace.

As a neurodiverse and disabled-led organisation, our engaging workshops are delivered by D&A trainers, who use, integrate and rely on the strategies they teach, trial and test. The tips are authentic and driven by our own lived experiences.

The approach is light-hearted and we always aim to create a safe space for people to explore ideas about (neuro)diversity, attitudes and how to create positive change. We look to build a fun dynamic, balanced with informative, experiential hands-on learning.

D&A see neurodiversity and disability as a balance of individual skills, abilities, strengths and learning differences. With individualised assistive tools and strategies in place, life-enhancing results are possible.

Choosing your Workshop

Our workshops focus on two main areas of collective knowledge, lived experience and expertise:

Equality, diversity, and inclusive practice

Bespoke workshops focusing on understanding legislation, disability and neurodiversity, reasonable adjustments, and inclusive practice.

Embedding inclusivity for all in the Workplace

Participants will look at how adopting a celebratory model of diversity can actually increase productivity, discover new skill sets and realise potential. It will outline the legal responsibilities as defined by the Equality Act 2010, and explore reasonable adjustments for disabled and neurodiverse workers.

Assistive and enabling technologies, apps and strategies

Bespoke workshops designed to introduce how Assistive Technology (AT); software/apps for computers, and smartphones/tablets, can support enabling strategies for inclusive practice. We have developed an integrated approach, weaving tailored strategies with assistive technologies to enable individuals to flourish in work, education, and complete everyday tasks and activities with confidence and independence.

Some of our specific training sessions include:

Everyone has Mental Health – Embedding a Culture of Wellbeing

This workshop is useful for everybody – we’ve all got a mental health and a social duty to understand it! This full day workshop will raise awareness and understanding of concepts of mental health and well-being.

Universal Tools for Improving Accessibility: Free Assistive Technology and Strategies

A range of free, open source and cloud software is available for anyone to use at no cost. We think Assistive Technology should be accessible to all and this workshop gives you the knowledge and tools to make this a reality!

Everyday Mindfulness: Managing Stress and Anxiety

This full-day workshop focuses on the importance of taking a mindful approach to managing stress and anxiety. Mindfulness is growing in popularity with the recognition of academics and professionals of the everyday benefits of embedding mindful strategies in increasing general wellbeing.

If one of our workshops interests you or you have a specific idea in mind, let us know – each workshop is tailored to identify and meet your needs.

When, Where, and Who?

Most of our workshops are 3 hours long (with regular access breaks given), but, depending on what you want to cover and how in depth you want to go, you can also choose from the following:

  • half day workshops (up to 3 hours)
  • full day workshops (5 – 6 hours)
  • personalised 1:1 sessions
  • two days, tailored workshop

Workshops can be delivered at your venue, or we can organise an alternative location if you prefer. Our team are located across the UK, so wherever you are, we’ll happily pay you a visit. We can cater to different sized groups but do remember if you’re choosing a hands-on technology workshop the ideal number of participants is no bigger than 7.

Adam at D&A was an inspirational speaker that developed an immediate rapport with the audience. He was able to inclusively pitch the speech to reach and involve the wide background of attendees.

Helen Bigham, Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association

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