Inclusive Campus

We are working with universities around the UK to support their students in a number of ways. This means no one gets left behind, especially international students or those without a formal diagnosis. 


Creating an inclusive campus means making learning accessible for all. At D&A we believe everyone learns differently and institutions have the power to support all students no matter their learning style, background or status. Through training, workshops and technology this can become a reality.

Providing mainstream access to inclusive technologies to the entire student cohort and staff, has the potential to create positive change across many levels, impacting the student experience and key equality markers.

Through the democratisation of (assistive) technology, we can change the narrative around disability and embrace universal design for learning.

So far we have supported nearly 20,000 disabled and neurodiverse learners at universities all over the country and have found the confidence of our learners increases from 3/10 to 8/10 after our training.

The Aim

Quite simply, to boost the student experience for all. Giving students the tools to study confidently and effectively, resulting in increased productivity, retention, attainment and student satisfaction.

We enable support for students that are often overlooked:

  • International students
  • Foundation year students
  • BAME students
  • Students that don’t formally disclose a disability
  • Staff

How we do this

  • Consultancy
  • Recommendations for inclusive technology to network across campus
  • Support with deployment and roll out of technology
  • Exam time provision (recommendations and testing)
  • Inclusive technology workshops for prospective students 

Workshops hosted at events such as:

  • Transition days
  • Freshers week
  • Open days
  • Inclusive technology workshops for existing students

Workshops designed to help all students develop important study skills using technology, shaped around key themes:

  • Organisation & timekeeping
  • Composition & planning
  • Reading & proofreading
  • Note-taking
  • Research & referencing
  • Revision
  • Mental Health & procrastination
  • Inclusive technology workshops for staff which includes:
  • An introduction to inclusive technologies and universal design for learning
  • Demonstrating how inclusive technology can be used to support students
  • Showing how staff can also benefit from using inclusive technology in their own work
  • Help embed knowledge around neurodiversity and inclusive teaching
  • Support learning to create accessible resources

The impact

  • Increased attainment and retention across the diverse student body and staff network
  • Boosted study efficiency and productivity
  • Positive impact on wellbeing and mental health 
  • A positive culture shift towards increased acceptance of diverse learning styles across the university – improved accessibility and reputation

Who we have worked with

We have worked with a range of universities to create their inclusive campus.

Our case studies

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