Your Way

At DnA we think people should do things their own way. Everyone is their own unique person and the idea that there's a one-size-fits-all approach to life is a little bit silly when you think of it.

That's why we started our "Your Way" centre. A place for people to visit when they want to learn and explore their own way.


Our Your Way Training Centre offers basic through to advanced courses that will show you how to get to grips with computers and computer applications. You can learn how to:

  • Write documents
  • Browse the web
  • Use spreadsheets
  • Send emails
  • Stay safe
  • Have fun!

What you learn, and how you learn it, is up to you! The course you pick is run Your Way.

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LIVING - Your Way

Assistive Technology (AT) is all about enabling people to overcome barriers. Some AT simply makes tasks easier; like electric kettles, and velco shoes. Some AT is massively life changing; like spectacles, or wheelchairs!

We love all kinds of AT, and we can show you why. Our experts can:

  • advise you on what AT might suit you
  • do some live demonstrations of the options
  • consider home, work, and school environments
  • provide you with thorough training

There is a huge range of Assistive Technology available and we can nearly always find a solution that is just right for you. Appointments can be made with an AT Advisor who will discuss your needs and what resources you might already have (e.g. Disabled Students Allowance, Access to Work, or individual budgets), and identify what AT solutions would be most suitable. We will then give you a written report detailing our recommendations and all the information you need to obtain the equipment you want.

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Are you a student applying for the Disabled Student's Allowance (DSA) and looking for support that understands and meets your needs? We are able to offer peer-led, high quality, support and advice tailor made for each individual student. As Disabled People ourselves, we understand your needs. The support we offer is based on many years of collective lived experience and we are confident we can help you to achieve your study goals.

We offer:

  • Assistive Technology Training
  • Mentoring
  • SpLD 1-2-1 Study Skills

For more information, and to book a session, get in touch:

WORKING - Your Way

We deliver a unique combination of peer support and personalised provision that takes a holistic approach to enabling Disabled People to achieve their employment goals. We can help you to find a job or return to work.

We can help you to develop your skills, or learn new ones, find opportunities, make new contacts and support you in finding and keeping a job. We can help you work towards financial independence by building your confidence and increasing your chances of getting a job.

We offer:

  • Mentoring and job coaching
  • CV preparation, job search and interview skills 3 week training course
  • Job readiness 3 week training course
  • Job Club (6 week)
  • Job Club (12 weeks)

For more information, and to get started, get in touch: