Digital Inclusion and Homelessness

There is a strong correlation between homelessness and undiagnosed learning differences. Research also shows that 44 percent of homeless people have a mental health diagnosis, in comparison with 23 percent of the general population.


If left unsupported, this can create a cyclical state of marginalisation that is hard to break out of. Limited access to technology and the online world compounds this. This is why D&A has been working with organisations such as Crisis homelessness charity and St Mungo’s, since 2014, delivering a series of workshops exploring free technologies that assist with core life skills and boost digital literacy. We focus on building strategies around organisation, wellbeing and memory, as well as developing literacy and numeracy skills.

Through providing tailored support and access to tools/ technology, this initiative aims to:

  • Minimise long-term unemployment.
  • Address confidence issues surrounding neurodiversity and education.
  • Increase digital literacy and online access.
  • Enable increased access to support, housing and funding.
  • Boost participation in society and access to opportunities.

Our case studies

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