Alda Porter Photo

Alda Porter

Specialist Mentor

Alda is passionate about supporting people to be able to identify their needs and advocate for these to be met. She very much sees her role in this as one of an Ally.

Alda received DSA at University herself and found the support she received to be a game changer, both in terms of her experience of education and in increasing her understanding of her own needs and strengths.

Alda has supported people in a variety of education and community settings, and has found that in addition to her professional background and training, her own personal experiences have been of great value in these roles. Celebrating diversity is something that really spoke to her when hearing about D&A.

Alda enjoys arranging her physical space, colour coding and browsing stationary she does not need. Alda is often drafted in by friends with tasks relating to this – one which she has relished since she was a child!

Another talent is making connections: linking skills and opportunities, and putting people in touch so that individuals or groups can share resources and bring goals and ideas together for mutual benefit.

Alda has recently taken on a role as a Trustee at a local community farm and is developing opportunities within this for Neurodivergant young people to benefit from the natural environment as an alternative educational setting. This is something she is excited to be part of.