Brigit, a white woman with long brown hair, is smiling at the camera

Brigit Colclough

Operations Lead (Associate Experience)

Pronouns: she/her

Brigit joined the D&A bookings teams after finishing her degree in Education Studies and realising her passion for inclusivity at every level. After spending years in retail management, Brigit heard a news segment discussing malnourishment in primary-aged children in 2016 and was so struck by the inequality she decided to give it all up and use her career to enact change anyway she could.

After leaving college with one A level, Brigit has waded through her share of physical and mental health barriers in order to graduate with a first-class degree – which is her greatest achievement (apart from that one time she jump-started a camper van in a thunderstorm at night in New Zealand).

When she’s not answering your emails, Brigit can be found faffing with complicated recipes in the kitchen, crocheting lumpy items, or attempting to break the record for the most rewatching of The US Office. A New Forest girl, she’s happiest being dragged through the mud by a ridiculous Labradoodle – but only when there’s a cup of tea and a woodfire at the other end.

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