Cath Deveuve

Catherine Deveuve

Study Skills Tutor

I’ve been teaching adult learners for over twenty years, the last seventeen as a Specialist Study Skills Tutor. I have a master’s degree in History and my undergraduate degree is in English. I also have a PGCE and a Level 7 Certificate in teaching and Assessing SpLD. I have taught in all sorts of places over the years, from a prison and in community education, to universities and colleges, and the one thing that has made me want to always keep teaching is that it allows me to meet people who can sometimes underestimate their own ability and help them realise what they can really achieve.

I am truly excited about working with D&A, as they are an organisation whose values and ethos I share, as I think the most important thing is working collaboratively using everyone’s diverse skills to achieve a goal. For this reason, my teaching is always student-centred, designed around what each individual student wants, and working with a student’s strengths and their learning style.

I feel the social model of disability is particularly relevant to the education system, especially at university, as so many courses are taught and assessed in ways that discriminate against many learners, which means students can struggle when they shouldn’t need to. A big part of my role is to give students strategies to overcome this, and that’s why I love being a study skills tutor, as I can help people understand that they have the ability to succeed at university and get the grades they deserve.