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Emma Allsopp

Study Skills Tutor (SpLD)

I’ve been a tutor, trainer, coach, mentor for over 30 years, working across the educational lifespan. In the last decade I’ve worked with clients as they transition from education (FE and HE) into the workplace. Throughout I have championed the talents and rights of disabled individuals, specifically those from neurominorities, in a bid to nurture their authentic personal development by using strengths inherent in their diversity and creativity. Much of this involves brave conversations so that 1:1 helps people (and me) get where they want to be.
I work part-time for a London university and also run my own private consultancy providing neurodiversity, mental health and employability training, alongside coping strategy coaching for neuro-variance in employment and study. Often this is to clients with complex intersectional profiles. I’m keen on supporting systemic change, which is why I’m now a coach supervisor so that I can support leaders and managers develop neuro-inclusive approaches when coaching and mentoring their new neurodivergent recruits and direct reports across their organisations.