Photo of Freya, a white woman with straight black hair and the front sections dyed blue. She smiling at the camera.

Freya Sumner

Accessibility and Inclusion Specialist

Pronouns: she/they

After graduating in 2021 from Sussex University with an English degree Freya decided she couldn’t see herself anywhere else but Brighton so decided to look for work in the local area after. After working a range of roles including student admissions and admin roles, she realised something was missing. After reflecting on elements of courses she had enjoyed during her degree, volunteer roles, and activism she had taken part in, she realised she fundamentally wanted a role that encompassed her passion for diversity and inclusion. As a queer neurodiverse woman, these were also topics that affect her everyday life and are very important to her. Luckily she found her role at Diversity and Ability and is super excited to share her passion for inclusivity and intersectionality.

Freya is also very interested in the links between mental and physical health. She has previously run a volunteer program at university that encouraged female, transgender, and non-binary students to get more involved in sports and exercise. She is also a keen weightlifter and sea swimmer herself but also enjoys balance in life and would say she is a self-declared foodie. So if anyone has any suggestions of new places to try please let her know!