Julia Rafferty

Study Skills Tutor

Hi, I’m Julia and I’ve been supporting students in the HE sector for 10 years. Before this, I originally specialised in teaching adult literacy and soon found that many of the students had indicators of neurodivergences such as Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. It was a logical progression to become an assistive technology coach because of my interest in technology and then a specialist study skills tutor in 2010. As you can imagine, it an immensely rewarding experience to empower people and to make a difference to performances at university and in the workplace.
For me D&A shines a light on the ability that people have and it has helped to reframe our understanding of neurodiversity. For many years their teaching resources acted as inspiration in time of cognitive ‘mental block’ and I am so pleased to now be part of the team.

I am writing this during Covid, so at present my spare time is spent catching up with friends (online), DIY and getting OUTSIDE! On snowy days (fingers crossed) you will find me on top of a hill in Wales snowboarding.