Maggie Wood

Specialist Mentor (MH)

Maggie holds an MA in Art Psychotherapy – Dramatherapy. Previously they completed a BA (Hons) in Performance and Visual Arts – Theatre where much of their research and the final piece was around inclusion and ability.

Maggie’s work has involved supporting young people in (re)discovering and identifying what it is they love to do and weaving their passions into their lives as well as their abilities and potential. They have experience and are passionate about working with young people and adults in the process of learning more about themselves, whilst embarking through education and creating further opportunities.

Maggie offers a holistic, inclusive, safe environment and invites clients to have a choice in the way you work together that feels comfortable and safe. Maggie is a strong advocate of everyone’s ability to act and the power and the possibilities of people connecting from a soulful place. They love food, walks in the outdoors and natural spaces, music, poetry, dance, improvisation, travelling and making things that make people smile.