"Profile photo of Marjory, a mature-age white woman with short greying hair and glasses, who is looking towards the camera."

Marjory Webber

Specialist Mentor (MH and AS) and Study Skills Tutor (AS)

Pronouns: She/her

Marjory has been working with university students for many years. Each student is unique in how they adapt to this new way of living and learning – this Marjory learnt from personal experience.

Being able to support students to manage challenges has proved to be very rewarding for Marjory. Students are very resourceful and capable once they discover that most challenges can be managed. Discovering strategies and solutions together is empowering – a problem shared is a problem halved. But ultimately the student will emerge as a more confident, independent achiever. This growth makes the job so rewarding.

Marjory learns all the time and shares ideas with other students – like recycling. Their hope is that your time at university is worthwhile and rewarding in preparation for your future. On Friday afternoons Marjory facilitates the Eastleigh Serendipity Adult Autism Group which is run by Autism Hampshire. They chat and take turns presenting quizzes.