Michael Woodman


For Michael, getting into the right frame of mind to use assistive technology is as important as embracing the technical aspects. He loves working for D&A as he is able to embrace this holistic approach to training. Michael has several years’ experience running the Disability Support Service at St. George’s, University of London. He is very familiar with the DSA process and experienced at supporting students to manage the pressures of their courses so that they can become independent learners.

Authored resources

Study Blue

Studyblue is an online study and revision tool, based around the idea of using "index cards" to make new information memorable. You may have tried the "index card" system before - writing questions or prompts on one side of a card, and then writing the answer on the other so that you can systematically work through your deck to revise.



Xmind is a concept mapping program, (much like Mindview, Mindmanager, and Inspiration), which allows you to create 'spider diagrams' or 'mind maps' on your computer. Creating a mind map can help you to plan and write essays, revise for exams, and organise large projects.


Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me is a free referencing tool designed to take the frustration out of keeping track of your research and creating bibliographies. Cite This For Me allows you to quickly gather reference information from a variety of sources, and then export these as a fully formatted bibliography using the referencing style of your choice.