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Michele Lamonaca

Specialist Mentor

I have pursued my interest in the human condition, its possibility for transformation and
growth as well as its vulnerabilities to experience hurt and to causing hurt – since 2008. I
have completed several university programmes in the disciplines of psychology, applied
psychology and psychotherapy professional training.

I am UKCP, NCS and BACP accredited and registered psychodynamic psychotherapist, my
approach is to seek to understand how current emotional and psychological difficulties, can
have their origin in thoughts and feelings that are unconscious to the individual and how
these may be located somewhere in past difficulties and experiences.

I work with people with a range of emotional, psychological and interpersonal difficulties
who experience a great deal of anxiety and fear in everyday life. I work with people who are
dealing with complex situations in their working life or in their personal relationships.
I started mentoring students four years ago and my reward is to witness students flourishing,
growing and learning about themselves, in all the aspects of their personal and student life.
My focus is to enable change through the process of self-empowerment while experiencing
social and emotional challenges or distresses.