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Molly Jones

Senior Operations Coordinator

Molly is proud to be a part of the bookings team for D&A and believes everyone has the right to learn and achieve their goals regardless of disability or difference. After years of working in hospitality pouring pints and waitressing, she’s delighted to finally be helping disabled and neurodiverse people to achieve their full potential. As a disabled learner with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and other conditions, she understands the difficulties there can be when it comes to studying and wants to help in any way she can to support you and your loved ones through the DSA process.

After having a difficult time applying for DSA and the process afterwards she ended up not receiving any AT equipment or training at all during studying Vocals at BIMM. Because of this she’s passionate about making sure every student is able to access everything they are entitled to in order to help them learn and achieve their degrees (and is happy to chat about all things spoonie, music and dogs!).

You can find Molly happily replying to your emails or answering your calls, always with a can of coke in hand and covered in various blankets. In her spare time, she enjoys making cross stitches for everyone she knows, hunting for home decor bargains and searching wistfully at dogs on animal adoption sites across the world.