Sarah Fairman

Assistive Technology Trainer

Hi,  I’m Sarah and I work as a Workforce Wellbeing Practitioner in the NHS and enjoy supporting people with their health & wellness.

When i came across D&A I was keen to find out more about the services they provide after being referred via Access to Work. I was so impressed with the array of supportive tools and training that they provide and how they will make a huge difference to how I carry out my work in the workplace.  As i have struggled in work having an autistic spectrum disorder, knowing that there is an organisation that can help i knew i had to get onboard and be part of a team that can make a difference to the way people learn and carry out their work.

I love technology and pride myself on being able to simplify complex procedures using visuals and condensing/chunking key learning points to help teach an individual effectively and meet their learning style needs. As a qualified adult learning trainer i bring a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with all different learning styles and abilities, having worked as a trainer for Reed In Partnership, West Cheshire College, Cambridge & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust and Green Apprentices.

My spare time is filled with plenty of outdoor fun, mindfulness, yoga and watching the US version of The Office.

I look forward to collaborating with you, supporting your strengths by designing the training to meet your goals and learning style.