Scarlett, a white woman with dark brown hair, is smiling at the camera

Scarlett James

Business Development Support Officer

Pronouns: she/her

As Modern European Studies graduate (German, History and Politics) who received disability support while at university, Scarlett knew she wanted to work somewhere that would fulfill her desire to have an impact. D&As mission closely aligned with her personal values and gave her the opportunity to talk all things social justice, all the time. She is a proud Scouser and will chat about Liverpool to anyone who’ll listen . She has even left her beloved Liverpool to spend time at our Brighton office alongside the team.
Scarlett is a fierce advocate for all things Equity, Diversity and Inclusion related and as business development support officer Scarlett helps the workplace team in strategising and creating new partnerships. In doing so she supports companies on their diversity and inclusion journeys.
In her spare time Scarlett loves to host her friends for dinner and cocktails, has spent thousands of hours playing Mario Kart and builds pretty spectacular Sims houses.