Tony Smith

Assistive Technology Trainer and Study Skills Tutor

I have spent the last 10 years as a Specialist Study Skills Tutor (SpLD & AS) and Assistive Technology Trainer in higher education, supporting students through trials and tribulations of their chosen course.  What gives me the greatest pleasure? Easy, it is seeing students that I have worked with graduating and moving on to bigger and better things.

After graduating with a degree in Geology and gaining a M.Sc. in Mining Geology, I began my working life as a Laboratory Manager in the field of geotechnics, which I did for 16 years until 1999.  I switched professions and became a software applications trainer, but the financial crash of 2008 brought that to an end. So what could I do next, easy what I am doing now. In the middle of all that I gained a PGCE and a MBA (Project Management) amongst other things.

In my spare time I love playing the sport of pétanque and I am involved in the administration of the sport at both National and European level.