“We chose D&A as one of our providers for Assistive Technology (AT) training because they are student-focused. D&A was able to show how assistive technology can be used to aid each individual student's needs rather than training students on every feature of the software."

- Karen Hocking, Plymouth University

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Karen Hocking, Plymouth University

“D&A’s integrity and learner-centred vision permeate all aspects of their services - they really do listen to what students want. As a disabled-led organisation, it's clear that this makes a difference in the dynamic of the support provided, as D&A trainers relate to their students and the barriers they face, so can offer practical advice and support. On that note, some of our former students, having received D&A support went on to work at D&A as trainers, so there's a nice model where D&A provide employment opportunities for disabled graduates as well.”

- Lisa Forbes, University of Roehampton

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Lisa Forbes, University of Roehampton

“I was immediately struck by D&A's very passionate and inspirational approach to providing assistive IT training to students in receipt of DSA. They demonstrated this through the encouragement of the use of free Apps, in addition to the standard DSA approved software provided to students...The holistic approach offered by this company chimed with RADA's student support policy through which we aim to foster creativity and celebrate the neurodiversity of the student cohort.”

- Patricia Myers OBE, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

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Patricia Myers OBE, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

“Having worked in the disability field myself for many years, I was immediately struck by the clarity of D&A's understanding of disability as a social phenomenon, as well as their empathetic and refreshing approach to working with students with a range of learning difficulties."

- Roddy Slorach, St George's University of London

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Roddy Slorach, St George's University of London

“When we begin to despair about the soul of capitalism, all we have to do is turn to face the new breed of authentic social [enterprises] to rekindle our optimism about the future. Right at the very front, among the leaders of this force for change, is [D&A], whose unquenchable passion is ripping the ‘dis’ out of disability…

D&A is shaking up a thoroughly miserable and misguided state of affairs in disabled and dyslexia support for students in higher education and putting the individual student at the heart of their own decisions and learning strategies. This sort of common sense is far from common practice, and that is [D&A’s unique offering]: shining light on the obvious and making simple things happen fast…”

Students, and now college authorities, are flocking to D&A and their championing of Neurodiversity inclusion.

- Adrian Gilpin, Chairman, Institute of Human Development