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Welcome to Diversity and Ability, we are a Social Enterprise created and led by dyslexic and disabled learners; DSA end-users working with the sole purpose of providing support, strategies, assistive technology training, and shared wellbeing.

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Technology is all around us and it's all assistive! At DnA we love technology and the enabling impact it has on lives. Our Assistive Technology Trainers deliver top notch training sessions that explore and explain the wonderful world of AT.

DnA knows - more than any other company - that it's not just about the cool tech. It's also a Learner's engagement with their learning that matters. Our team deliver holistic support, blending SpLD study skills strategies with Assistive Technology strategies. They help Learners understand the way they learn and how best to use that knowledge to achieve their goals.

Our Workshops and CPD Opportunities are a fantastic chance for us to demonstrate our core values at your institution. Each workshop is built for you and your team; tailored to your needs. What would you like to learn today?

Get in touch via email ( or by phone (0800 978 8303), you're going to love what we say.

Who We Are

We're DnA, here's why you should get to know us

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Social enterprise

End-user led

Celebrate neurodiversity

Enable marginalised learners

Diversity and Ability (DnA) is a purpose beyond profit social enterprise working towards removing deficit models surrounding neurodiversity and disablement. We celebrate diversity through adversity and we measure our success against our impact on society.

We are end-user led so our support is empathetic and delivered from a place of mutual understanding. We believe that peer-to-peer support, respect, and empathy - delivered by end-users who share a lived experience with their trainees - can fundamentally change the way the DSA is used and perceived.

If used and accessed well, the DSA has the potential to make a life changing difference for learners in Higher Education. We're excited to share that difference with you!

Get in touch via email ( or by phone (0800 978 8303), our training is unique.

What Sets Us Apart

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Quality assured services

Expertly trained staff

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Support focused

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We at DnA have very high standards. We maintain and exceed these standards through careful monitoring and open dialogue. Our work is open, transparent and allows others to trace the Learner's journey of enablement.

Our staff all undergo enhanced background checks with DBS (formerly CRB) and adhere to a tight code of working practice.

Our Trainers are of an exceptional calibre; they receive intensive residential training covering all the DSA technologies (and more); they pursue ongoing CPD in the form of classes, workshops, and qualifications.

We don't do cookie cutter training. We provide individualistic, tailored support based around individual learning style, specific needs, and course requirements. We integrate SpLD and assistive technology strategies - along with open source software, freeware, and apps - to create a holistic approach to support and learning.

Because we don't sell equipment our training is unbiased; our only concern when providing support is the Learner's needs.

Get in touch via email ( or by phone (0800 978 8303), you're going to love what we say.

Documenting a Journey

Like Tolkien and the Fellowship, but with technology

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Individual Learning Reviews

Learner Feedback


We evaluate our impact and measure our success through collecting Learner feedback and writing Individual Learning Reviews (ILRs). This helps us document a Learner's enablement, opening up the lines of communication between the Learner and their entire support network.

We use ILRs to monitor Learner progress and evaluate engagement. Here's an example ILR for you to read. Our Learners provide feedback, this gives us an opportunity to gauge how far we've all come, as well as measure self-esteem changes and AT confidence. We ask our Learners to complete this feedback form, we use the data to create student experience and feedback reports, these can be tailored made for you, but we also provide a public feedback report.

Sometimes we receive some feedback that's too good not to share. These we add to our growing collection of glowing testimonials.

Get in touch via email ( or by phone (0800 978 8303), you're going to love what we say.

Value Added Resources

We give away some of our best stuff for free!


Video Guides


The DnA Community

A selection of printed handouts on SQR3, task words, and Windows keyboard shortcuts

As a company we get excited about the idea of Open Source, we believe that sharing is caring. That's why we share our information and guidance in a way that's accessible to anyone and everyone!

Our Resources page contains reviews on the very best of DSA, Open Source, and freeware software, services, and apps. We've created some wonderful video guides, PDF handouts, and other downloads. We've then made them all available for free.

Our biggest resource is our Community; our Trainers, our Learners, our Leadership Team, and all the wonderful people that keep things running. We invite everyone we meet to join us as we share our experiences and passion. Drop us a line, ask us a question; our door is always open.

Get in touch via email ( or by phone (0800 978 8303), you're going to love what we say.

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  • Cambridge
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Band 4 - Specialist Access and Learning Facilitators Net VAT Total
Specialist Mentor* £62.50 £12.50 £75.00
Specialist One to One Study Skills Support** £65.00 £13.00 £78.00
Assistive Technology Trainer £64.00 £12.80 £76.80
*Mentoring services available in Bournemouth, Brighton, Farnham, London, Poole, and Southampton
**SpLD services available in Brighton (and East Sussex), Farnham, London, Oxford, and Southampton

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