Whether you’re a student keen to know more about the Disabled Students’ Allowance or a Higher Education Provider (HEP) interested in creating a more inclusive learning environment, we’re here to help!

Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA)

As a team led by disabled and neurodiverse people, we are able to truly focus on every student’s unique learning style and needs, integrating strategies and training to best suit the individual.

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From comprehensive assistive technology training to embedding diversity and inclusion practices, we offer a wide range of workshops tailored to staff and students in Higher Education.

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Inclusive Campus

We are working with Higher Education Providers (HEPs) across the UK to help them create more inclusive campuses. This means no one, even those without a formal diagnosis or international students, get left behind.

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Support in Further Education (FE)

We provide support for students in further education embarking on level 3 qualifications (AS-Levels, A-Levels, access to higher education diploma and advanced apprenticeship etc).

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"A particular strength of D&A’s support provision is the embedded end-user led design and delivery of training by those who have lived experience of disability and of accessing support as a student themselves, which can be of great reassurance and support to students when accessing the AT training."

- Helen Young, University of Oxford

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Helen Young, University of Oxford

"D&A has always had a good reputation and we have worked with them over many years. They do things differently. They are more personable and creative than other organisations and they have a thorough understanding of neurodiversity... We have always received quality support, that is reliable..."

- Jonathan Thompson, London South Bank University

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Jonathan Thompson, London South Bank University

"D&A is that rare breed of a company that is passionate about the students and the sector that they operate in, they are a company with a heart. Not only this but they are clearly trailblazing in terms of knowledge, ideas and developments coupled with professionalism, speed and efficiency."

- Sarah Richardson, London Metropolitan University

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Sarah Richardson, London Metropolitan University

“The strategies I’ve learnt during my sessions are life time skills. It makes me feel in charge of my life, and makes the tasks I have to complete feel achievable. From the first moment I got in touch with your organisation, I truly felt you wanted me to be successful. Having such a great team alongside me, I really look forward to the bright future.”

 Magdalena, Study Skills and Mentoring Student, Anglia Ruskin University