We are an award-winning disabled-led social enterprise supporting neurodiverse and disabled learners in education and the workplace.

Our work in education

We provide a wide range of services for the education sector. We provide DSA-funded student support, alongside our inclusive campus work.

Inclusive Campus

We are working with universities around the UK to support their students in a number of ways. This means no one gets left behind, especially international students or those without a formal diagnosis.

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As a disabled-led team, we are able to truly focus on every student’s unique learning style and needs, integrating strategies and training to best suit the individual.

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In the workplace

Our workplace support can help you and your employees maximise potential. We provide individual training as well as group workshops and Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy.


Boosting diversity is not just the right thing to do, there’s also a clear business case to do so. We’ll show you how to make the shifts that matter.

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We work with individuals to build effective strategies to overcome specific challenges and flourish at work.

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International development

We are working around the world with NGOs, such as the Global Rainbow Foundation and institutions, such as the Commonwealth of Learning to help inform, educate and advocate.

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D&A have been running a series of digital inclusion and wellbeing workshops for our members at Crisis since 2014. Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people dedicated to delivering life-changing services.

Nahid Behzadi, ESOL Tutor, Crisis

Our clients

Let us know how we got on, so we can provide you with the support and guidance you need.

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